The Tookie vest for Oncology is unique. No other such product exists, but you may find "makeshift solutions" (some of which have not been through any risk analysis to ensure patient safety) but they do not provide the robust support you will get from the Tookie vest for Oncology. 

The Tookie vest for Oncology was designed to maintain the integrity of the Central Venous Catheter, keeping it secure by containing the catheter within the vest and it's pouch.  The development of the Vest incorporated consultations with clinical teams, academics, patients and their parents.

The vest is designed for comfort and is aesthetically pleasing for children to wear. It is made from warp spacer material, which is 100% polyester. The material is non-flammable and can be washed at high temperatures with no detriment to its properties. 

Tookie vest for Oncology has been patented under the number GB2531144.

"The child/patient will cosmetically appear not to have such an obvious medical condition. Quality of life issues, play and integration will be enhanced".

- Quote from Catherine Barry, Advanced Neo-Natal Nurse, Practitioner and Lecturer