New wearable tech for cancer patients shown to the world at Medica 2016

November 11th 2016

A potentially life-saving technology which could dramatically impact on the lives of thousands of children and adults receiving cancer treatment will be shown to the world at Medica 2016 in Düsseldorf.

 Liverpool based healthcare innovation business Tookie Ltd will exhibit ‘The Tookie Vest for Oncology’ in Hall 16 on Stand G04-5 at Medica, the world’s largest healthcare exhibition. 

The wearable technology prevents the accidental fall out and safe management of central venous catheters - vital to cancer patients.

 Over 200,000 central lines are fitted in the UK each year, with over 10,000 used in children being treated for cancer  -  many having their central lines accessed on a daily basis to administer medicine and monitor patient health.

David Axon, CEO of Tookie said, “Medica is an incredible platform for Tookie to show the world the way we are helping families cope with cancer - the Tookie Vest minimises the chance of toddlers and children tampering with chords, eliminating exposed looping and provides peace of mind.

 “At Tookie we believe in allowing families to live ‘A Life more normal’, and at Medica we are actively aiming to engage distributors and create awareness on a global scale.” 

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To arrange a meeting with Tookie at Medica or for more information contact Jason Brannan, +44 (0) 114 232 9280 or email



 The health benefits of all Tookie designs/ concepts are broad - with the fundamental ethos of enabling patients using Tookie products to return to ‘A Life more normal’ - with a level of normality, freedom & independence.

 Mr Ross J Craigie – a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital said, “As a children’s surgeon, I see first-hand the concerns that parents have around care and security of their child’s central line and also the implications of premature line removal.

“The Tookie Vest aims to give both actual line security and also peace of mind to families, something that we have been waiting for in central line care.”

 Launching as a product that is focused around children but also available to adults, the Tookie Vest minimises the chance of toddlers and children tampering with chords, eliminating exposed looping and provides peace of mind to worried parents. In addition to this, the vest has a movable pouch to host and support the ends of the catheter line and is manufactured from a textile impregnated with an anti-bacterial agent.

 Complications related to central lines are common with tubes often snagging, twisting and looping. The accidental removal of a catheter from a patient receiving long-term chemotherapy can often result in infection with serious consequences for the patient. In the UK approximately £36.2 million is spent on treating central line infection each year and in the US this figure is $2.6 Billion.

 The company is engaged with a number of NHS Hospital Trusts - whom with clinicians and patients are developing the renal, nutrition and respiratory Tookie Vest to suit each patient groups needs to support their lines. Additionally, the Tookie Smart Vest features embedded textile biosensors that capture and send vital patient information via Wi-Fi to a smartphone for enhanced patient self-care and monitoring in the home.



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