An eventful way to help cancer patients

Tookie Limited, a pioneering medical device innovation company from Liverpool, has showcased its life-changing wearable tech for cancer patients in several exhibitions since launching last year. CEO David Axon shares his views on why this kind of activity is important to a young growing business below:

All of the exhibitions we attend, including Innovate 2016 and IV Forum, are a chance for us to display the Tookie Vest’s enormous potential and demonstrate the extent to which our technology can change people’s lives, allowing patients to live “A Life more normal”. #ALifeMoreNormal

As a result of a particularly successful showcase at Medica 2016 in Düsseldorf in November, we will now exhibit in China and show the importance of the vest to an even broader audience to create awareness on a global scale.

The four day showcase at Medica was an incredible platform for Tookie to show the world how important we are to the families we touch and we hope to have the same effect in the Chinese market.

During Medica we were able to share our potential with over 150 people, with 44 distributors across 28 countries and with 22 manufacturers across 15 countries expressing a keen interest to start working with us.  We hope this will give us the opportunity to reach and help families across the globe, introducing our innovative product into new homes.

Back in the UK our showcase for the IPS IV Forum Conference 2016, held in Manchester, received a similar positive reaction resulting in Tookie presenting recently at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Institute Child Health, UCL.

The Tookie vest has outstanding potential to help over 10,000 children in the UK who are being treated for cancer and require their central lines to be accessed on a daily basis to administer medicine and monitor patient health – as well as other procedures for adults and children.

Our wearable technology - designed to prevent the accidental fall out and safe management of central venous catheters, utilises a non-invasive approach that gives patients more freedom and comfort.

We at Tookie wish to support as many families as we can in this journey and believe the best way to achieve this goal is by spreading the word about our vest every opportunity we get, engaging with as many companies and providing the best possible product. 

Please feel free to share.  @tookieco #ALifeMoreNormal

Tookie Co