"We thought the Tookie vest was a great idea. I was so intrigued to see it in the making and I'm glad we did. It's soft, lightweight and easy to wash. My son finds it comfortable to wear and forgets he's even wearing it. With him only being 3 and just starting nursery, we were worried about him playing with the other children and possibly having his brovaic line (mr wiggly) accidentally pulled, as it just sat in a bag around his neck. Now we will feel much more relaxed. He loves football and has just started football training, he wears the vest each week to football, it allows him to play without having to be afraid of joining in, and he enjoys himself to the max!!! The vest is invisible under his clothes."

Quote from a Mother of a three-year old child based in Sheffield.

"I have just put the vest on it was a bit big but can adjust it looks good and doesn’t affect his other bags an tube, like the fact that it can be washed and that it can be made smaller white would be better for babies as can see it through clothes its very thick and strong material, going to try it for few days to see if it makes him sweat as when he gets hot it causes the line dressings to peel doesn’t seem to bother him wearing it though so all round good start :) I love the fact that he can’t get his line to pull at it and that the end goes into the little pocket so keeps clean less risk of infection from his other bags"

"Hi, I’ve tried the vest for a few days now its fab at keeping line in safe place and up to now dressings are still on".

- Quote from a Mother of a 12 month old child who requested a Tookie vest for Oncology to help with 'having to tape his line on to his back due to him tryin to pull at it'

'The vest is easy to use. It gives confidence that the line is secure. This will lead to more normal handling of the child by both clinical staff and parents. This confidence to touch the child and allow the parents to interact in a normal way brings normality to the child’s life, enhanced the parental bonding process and allowing the child to act like a child'

Quote from Catherine Barry, Advanced Neo-Natal Nurse, Practitioner & Lecturer


"The fabric feels breathable"

"The material looks visually appealing"


"This would allow my child to have some degree of normality when being a child"


"This would reassure me that the CVC is safe when my child is wrestling with his cousin"

During a recent Patient and Public Involvement event held at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, parents felt that the material was soft, would stay cool and it felt nice and ‘cushioned’.


"The vest is great, this new line has managed to stay in longer than any other except his first line, which is fantastic"

- Quote from a mother of a young boy who wanted an alternative to a wetsuit for line management