"As a children's surgeon, I see first hand the concerns that parents have around care and security of their child's central line and also the implications of premature line removal. The tookie vest aims to give both actual line security and also peace of mind to families, something that we have been waiting for in central line care."


The Tookie Vest for Oncology has been developed in response to the needs of patients fitted with a central venous catheter. The Tookie vest for Oncology is a product that helps patients throughout their time receiving chemotherapy. When patients are fitted with a central line catheter, it is important to protect this line from displacement and to ensure it's kept clean to reduce infection and discomfort. Up until now there has been no effective solution. Finally, Tookie provides one.

The Tookie vest for Oncology has been designed to improve the patient "experience" to improve confidence and comfort of the patient to move and act without fear of displacing their line, whilst reducing the anxiety and concern that parents and carers often feel. 

The benefits of keeping a child active are many and even when a child is unwell a level of activity should always be encouraged.

Children learn many things through play and physical activity. They are essential for all aspects of a child’s ‘normal’ growth and development, enabling the child to advance emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually.

Research shows that regular physical activity can boost our self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, making us less prone to stress, depression and dementia. For additional information please view our blog dated 10 August 2016

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