Tookie - #ALifeMoreNormal

‘#ALifeMoreNormal’ is central to the Tookie brand and Tookie’s products are the enablers to leading ‘#ALifeMoreNormal’.

Tookie has driven the development of an innovative product portfolio and robust clinical ‘adoption’ processes for patient, carer and clinician driven innovations to make
‘#ALifeMoreNormal’ a reality.

Vascular access is essential and lifesaving therapy. Unfortunately complications with central lines are common and well documented. The accidental removal of a line can be life threatening, with a large proportion being avoidable.

Tookie products not only reduce the likelihood of line fallout and line re-insertions, but they also increase the patient's quality of life.

Although initially designed by patients and clinicians to support patient populations across renal, oncology, respiratory and nutrition, Tookie products are suitable for a whole variety of line applications, depending upon the patient’s individual needs, for example:
Bone marrow transplants, Cardiac, Patients with haematology, immunology and metabolic conditions, Pulmonary Hypertension, Cystic Fibrosis.