Meeting the patient’s needs, developed by clinicians and patients, Tookie products have unique clinical and patient-centred designs, complying with all relevant risk and regulatory standards, enabling #ALifeMoreNormal for all concerned

Key benefits of the Tookie Vest

Accidental removal of a CVC is a disaster often resulting in infection with serious risk of death, let alone the obvious requirement for further invasive line re-insertions.

Rather than providing “Makeshift Solutions” to patients, which identify an actual un-met need and carry a potential risk, patients can now be provided with regulatory compliant solutions, developed through clinician, patient and public involvement.

    • Tookie have developed a range of practical solutions for your line safety and comfort
    • All products come with a comprehensive easy to follow set of Instructions for Use
    • No specialist training is required to use the product
    • Designed for patients for both hospital and home use
    • Developed to reduce central line complications including line fallout for patients in treatment for dialysis and chemotherapy
    • Provides confidence to the patient, clinician and the whole team by reducing the likelihood of line complication
    • Enhances patient quality of life by alleviating the anxiety around potential line fall-out
    • Reduced need for further operations to repeat insertion procedure
    • Reduces the number of complex line revisions and any associated complications
    • Reduces the costs of repeat procedures


"Tookie became the TITCH network's first adopted SME as we recognised the value of what they were bringing to the NHS in improving patient care and supporting NHS efficiency, through a portfolio of products designed specifically for the children population with direct patient involvement - products for the patient created by the patient. In our three years of support for Tookie, TITCH is delighted to see and recognise their success, including recently being awarded an NHS Supply Chain Contract and in winning many highly prestigious awards on their innovation pathway journey."

Paul Dimitri

Technology and Innovation transforming Child Health (TITCH)

"We are delighted to have supported Tookie Limited through their journey to now see patients benefiting from the unique and innovative range of Tookie products. We are proud to have played a significant role in supporting this initiative and having advocated Tookie on to the Atlas programme we are certain this will assist the spread of this innovation across the entire Academic Health Science Network (AHSN). The NENC AHSN in association with MedConnectNorth (a joint venture with the NIHR CRN), provided support and advice to Tookie via 'The Innovation Pathway' facilitating connections with clinicians and patient involvement, regulatory, innovation and research advice for product design and development, through to navigating the complexities of the NHS pathway to final NHS adoption."

Nicola Wesley

Technology and Innovation transforming Child Health (TITCH)

"The Tookie vest’s provision of an effective and comfortable method of securing central lines, provides patients with the ability to lead a ‘life more normal’ whilst undergoing treatment, and responds to a real unmet need within the NHS. We are excited to see the further developments in Tookie’s range as they develop products for further clinical areas and needs. The Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network recognised the potential of the Tookie vest from an early stage. We were pleased to support initial proof of concept work and further product development as the range of clinical areas served has expanded."