Tookie has developed a number of line management products with the NHS, through clinician and patient-centred focus groups, affording patients greater levels of modesty and dignity, independence, safety, security and confidence to be more active

Dorothy, Tookie Renal patient


Tookie products offer safety and security for greater levels of activity, freedom, independence and reassurance, particularly for dialysis patients in mixed wards, where modesty and dignity is important
Boy from Sheffield, age 3


Tookie products are designed to help avoid line displacement and aid patients to continue to live #ALifeMoreNormal, helping support patients to keep active, achieve developmental milestones while also providing carer's peace of mind

Key benefits of the Tookie Vest

General benefits for all Tookie vests

    • Comfortable, cool and unique wearable technology
    • Promotes freedom, independence and gives confidence for activity
    • The vest can be worn under clothing to reduce visibility
    • Manufactured from light, breathable and fully washable fabric
    • Vests can be used in hospital and the community/home
    • No specialist training required to use

Additional benefits for Oncology

  • Supports children to achieve developmental milestones by not missing out
  • Children can safely return to school and play with their friends
  • The Vest covers previous scars and dressings last longer

Additional benefits for Renal

  •  Greater levels of dignity in mixed treatment locations

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Oncology Quote

"As a children's surgeon, I see first hand the concerns that parents have around care and security of their child's central line and also the implications of premature line removal. The tookie vest aims to give both actual line security and also peace of mind to families, something that we have been waiting for in central line care."



Oncology Quote

"The vest is easy to use. It gives confidence that the line is secure. This will lead to more normal handling of the child by both clinical staff and parents. This confidence to touch the child and allow the parents to interact in a normal way brings normality to the child’s life, enhanced the parental bonding process and allowing the child to act like a child."

Catherine Barry

Advanced Neo-Natal Nurse, Practitioner & Lecturer

Renal Quote “When I first became a HD patient, I was totally unaware of what was to come. Four months into my treatment, I was introduced to Tookie. Their concerns for the comfort of HD patients was obvious from the beginning. The vest gives comfort and modesty in a mixed unit, but most important of all, it gives security with restricted movement to the neck line, decreasing the possibility of having to replace the neck line”.
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Patient – Dorothy

Tookie Renal Patient Ambassador