About Us

Tookie – #ALifeMoreNormal, our VALUES

Located in Liverpool Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Tookie is a ‘Health Care Innovation Business’ established in 2015 with the fundamental ethos of enabling people to return to a life with greater levels of normality, freedom & independence and more active participation in activities of their choice – ultimately living ‘A LIFE MORE NORMAL’.

Tookie products are patient, parent and clinician driven innovations, focusing upon security of Central Venous Catheters (CVC) and also incorporating lines for other patient groups – addressing unmet clinical and patient needs.

‘#ALifeMoreNormal’ is central to the Tookie brand, and Tookie’s products are the enablers to leading ‘

Tookie has driven the development of an innovative product portfolio and robust clinical ‘adoption’ processes for patients, carers and clinician driven innovations, to make ‘#A LifeMoreNormal’ a reality.

Tookie – #ALifeMoreNormal, our PRODUCTS

The Tookie brand #ALifeMoreNormal is focused upon creating a product portfolio identifying un-met needs for patients, delivering solutions in the form of wearable technology that address these needs.

The health benefits of Tookie products are broad, with Tookie already receiving awards for our innovative approach to responding to patients’ un-met needs and for working in very close collaboration with the NHS, patients, carers, and clinicians.

Vascular access is essential and lifesaving therapy, with many patients having lines inserted and accessed on a daily basis to administer medicine and monitor health. Unfortunately complications with central lines are common and well documented, especially that of CVC displacement & gravitational pull, with tubes often snagging, twisting and looping – a large proportion being avoidable.

The accidental removal of a catheter from a patient receiving long term treatment can be life threatening. Tookie products not only reduce the likelihood of line fallout and line re-insertions, but they also increase the patient’s quality of life.

Tookie products are solutions designed by clinicians and patients, CE marked and compliant with relevant risk and regulatory standards.


Tookie has identified a number of Patient Groups with no existing products to enhance the safety and security of their treatment lines, for example:

    • Oncology
    • Renal
    • Respiratory
    • Nutrition
    • Bone Marrow Transplants
    • Cardiac
    • Patients with Haematology, immunology and Metabolic Conditions
    • Pulmonary Hypertension
    • Cystic Fibrosis

Each of the groups has specific needs and Tookie has engaged with clinical care teams to understand these needs, before designing and developing products through patient centred focus groups.

Tookie – #ALifeMoreNormal, our Journey and our Partners

To ensure Tookie products provide as much benefit as possible we need to ensure that we reach as many people as possible. We would like to thank the many partners and supporters that help us to achieve ‘#ALifeMoreNormal’.