Child CVC Standard Apparel

The Child CVC Standard Apparel is designed to enhance patient well-being and safety, maintaining the integrity of the central line, reducing risks of complication by securing the end of the line in a pouch affixed to the vest. The vest is worn over the patient’s torso and prevents lines from  snagging, twisting and looping.

It is a single-patient reusable device, for use in hospital and in the community. It is a lightweight garment with a specially designed back closure to ensure children cannot remove the vest. It is made from warp spacer material,100% polyester, non flammable and can be washed at high temperatures.

The cost of the vest is £60.

Purchases can be made via the link below


The vest is available in sizes X Small, Small, Medium and Large. Please download our Child Vest Dimensions  document for more information.

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Please download our Child Vest Dimensions document for more information

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