Child CVC Internal Pouch Short line

The Tookie Child CVC Internal pouch Apparel, is for use by toddlers and small children with a central line. It should not be used for small babies (<6 months); the smallest size vest is suitable for a 2yr old. Older children and teenagers may be more comfortable using a small size Tookie Adult CVC Standard Apparel.

The vest, normally worn underneath clothing, has openings on the shoulders allowing access to the line exit point. Openings are held closed by a hook and loop fastener positioned on either side of the vest to accommodate a left or right exit line.

The centre of the vest houses a pouch for holding the ends of the external section of the line, again fastened by a hook and loop fastener.

By maintaining the position and integrity of the line, patient safety, comfort and confidence to perform everyday activities is greatly improved. The vest, made from 100% polyester warp-spacer material, is non-flammable and can be washed at high temperatures.

The cost of the vest is £60.

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The vest is available in sizes X Small, Small, Medium and Large. Please download our Child Vest Dimensions  document for more information.

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Please download our Child Vest Dimensions document for more information

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